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Town & Country Pet Mart
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Town & Country Pet Mart serves the north Georgia area from Canton to Blue Ridge and Cartersville to Dahlonega.  We pride ourselves on customer service the old-fashioned way and try to make every customer feel very welcome when they come in the door.  Our staff members will gladly load your purchases for you.  Owners Lamar and Diane, along with manager Pam and their loyal staff, have many years of combined experience and can happily answer most any product or supply questions you may have.

we have small animals and reptiles too!

We now carry a selection of small pets and reptiles.

We have hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits. 

We are also keeping iguanas, bearded dragons, and toads.

We can special order exotic critters and reptiles.

We carry crickets, mealworms and feeder mice for easy convenience.

Come on in and check them out!

Pest Control - an ongoing battle

Bugs stay busy trying to find their way into your home. We have what you need to control bugs, pests and fleas in your home and outside in the yard. Stay on top of the battle with our new line of Professional Strength Products for fleas, ants and termites.  We are always happy to special order specific items for you, too.

Town & Country Pet Mart
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A Wide Variety of Natural, Organic and Holistic pet food and treats, too!

Here at Town & Country Pet Mart in Jasper, Georgia, we have everything you need for your pets, horse, livestock and garden. Town & Country Pet Mart is a one-stop shop for all your animal and garden needs. New "all natural, organic or holistic" products arrive all the time, including natural, organic pet food and treats.  We also carry organic gardening items, too.  Our first aid and health products for animals include animal vaccines, antibiotics, wormers, and wound sprays.

Special Orders

sky blue If we don't have what you need in stock, we are happy to make special orders for our customers.  And we strive to be very competitive on our prices, too.

We get regular shipments in weekly to serve you promptly. Come have a look.

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